I’m Chloe, here to guide you in learning, launching and loving your marketing with some simple strategies & systems to overcome the overwhelm and confidently promote your brand.

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How Can I Help your Business?


Gain ideas of how to develop your unique brand and effectively promote your business with organic strategies


Developing your brand message and story to communicate what you do best across the online and offline space


Get word out there about what you do, generating excitement that gets your brand noticed and remembered!


Master your tech and system to support running your business with automations, booking systems and the latest digital tools.


Designing and creating you a plan to grow, develop and launch your business in a way which is aligned with you goals and strengths.


Building your confidence with marketing and helping you overcome any blocks and fears of promoting yourself

Want to learn more about marketing at your own pace?

How I Can Assist:

On-demand sessions to design tailored marketing strategies that develop and grow your business, automate and get your brand noticed!

We work together to develop and build your marketing step-by-step, to empower and teach you how you can manage your marketing. 

Learn a variety of marketing topics that expand your knowledge through live workshop and recorded courses with instant access. 

Areas We Can Cover in Sessions:

• Identifying areas of your business and marketing for growth and development

• Establishing what foundations you need in place e.g. branding, website, point of sale etc.

• Analysing your current marketing presence and how to improve it

• Setting initial plans for future development

• Establishing your ideal customer and their needs

• Understanding where to find your customers and grab their attention

• Building your audience, developing relationships and creating desire for your brand

• Mapping out and developing your customer journey as the best way to guide your customers through the sales process

• Establishing your products and service offerings and descriptions

• Defining the benefits and USP (unique selling point) of what you offer

• Communicating your offering through your website, social media, print materials etc.

• Developing and communicating your packages and promotional offers

• Finding the best way to describe what you do

• Developing your brand message, strapline and descriptions

• Auditing, developing and improving your current messaging on your website, social media, print materials etc.

• Finding your promotional style and voice

• Identifying and removing promotional limiting beliefs

• Building your marketing mindset

• Creating a plan to overcome promotion procrastination and perfectionism

• Identifying which social media channels will be the most effective to focus on

• Establishing content topics which your audience would want to hear or know more about 

• Building an audience on social media organically

• Content coaching to help you develop ideas and re-purpose content

• Visual content planning – using Canva to design graphics and sourcing images

• Social media set up and training

• Creating Facebook and Instagram adverts

• Designing a social media campaign

• Identifying and mapping out what you need from a website and what it needs to include

• Writing  and updating your website content and customer experience

• Drawing a sitemap and user experience (UX) ready for your designer to build your website for efficiency

• Auditing and improving your current website with hands-on updates & improvements made live with screenshare

• Creating a simple template website together (e.g.  using Squarespace or Wix) with hands-on sessions and screenshare

 • Training you to update and use your website on WordPress, Wix & Squarespace

• Setting up of your Mailchimp account and mailing list

• Creating a lead magnet (ebook, workbook, challenge) to encourage the signup to your mailing list

• Setting automation for delivery of lead magnet

• Campaigns to build your mailing list

• Newsletter content planning

• Automated workflows for subscribers

• Streamlining your sales process so customers can easily buy through taking online payments, booking systems, or online store

• Designing methods to increase conversion rates, enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat sales and referrals

• Identify systems to save time and make things easier with automation workflows, auto-responders, scheduling, apps, reminders and follow-ups

• Setting up your mailing list and email workflow to be automatically delivered to the subscriber

• Prioritise what needs to be done when and how

• Simple promotional planning

• Creating an ongoing content plan for social media, blog and email marketing

• Creating a marketing plan which you can manage yourself in the future (if you want to!)

• Designing your launch strategy and campaign

• Planning content for the build-up to launching your product/ service/ business

• Mapping out a launch preparation checklist



Single session

Marketing strategy, ideas, mentoring, plans, checklists and practical action where you need

3-Month Package

Fortnightly 2-hr sessions to build your brand and develop your marketing systems

Course Academy

Informative and practical courses with insight, tools and templates with instant access

Sessions and packages are booked paid in advance through the booking system subject to availability.

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One-to-one mentoring

Monthly Marketing Support

Let’s take the stress and overwhelm out of your marketing, by tackling it together each month. 

We work through what you need from putting in place your systems, managing your social media, refining your website message, and developing your services. 



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