Hello, I'm Chloe

I help you grow, develop & launch your business with creative strategies that will have you excited about the future

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Three Main Specialisms

Creating innovative strategies to grow, & develop your business with action plans for you to implement. 

Hands-on support, implementation & guidance with developing your marketing and social media strategy & processes

Learn how to grow your business with online workshops and courses to develop your knowledge and give you insight

Upcoming Programme

Forget your FOPY live group

What would happen if you actually enjoyed marketing your business, how would that impact your sales?

Work directly on your fear and resistance surrounding promoting yourself. 

A small live group programme with initial 1 to 1, weekly group calls, accountability and peer support. Max group 8 people. 

Runs on Thursdays between 9th July – 13th August 

Thursday at 2pm UK time (15h central Europe)

First 4 spaces £129, then £179 for remaining 4 places

How Can I Help your Business?


Designing and creating you a plan to grow, develop and launch your business in a way which is aligned with you goals and strengths.


Learn how to effectively promote your business, implementing tools and marketing processes that will work for you!


Establish your brand message and story to communicate what you do best across the online and offline space


Master the latest updates to social media and digital marketing to ensure you gain maximum return on your efforts


Strategies to get word out there about what you do, generating excitement that gets your brand noticed and remembered!


Helping you overcome any blocks and fears of promoting yourself, developing your confidence in marketing your business

Some kind words from my lovely clients...

Why Pink Flamingo?

  • I look objectively at your business, product/service, and customer journey to identify any key gaps in the offering – intuitively finding the right strategy to create sustainable growth.
  • I love to make marketing fun! I can help you get creative and enjoy the process of promotion.
  • I’m passionate about small business and love working with you, the business owner, to develop a marketing plan that works for you and your objectives.
  • I have a Degree in Business & Marketing and am always striving to learn more about business, marketing and consumer psychology. I keep updated and informed on all the latest marketing trends and updates within the industry.
  • I know that every business is unique and I will always tailor plans and strategies to YOUR business.
  • I love to be resourceful, always sharing tools & methods that will suit your budget.
  • I’ve worked with 100s of independent businesses across many industries including health, well being, hospitality, entertainment, and consumables.

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