7 steps to creating a successful online course

Creating a course is the dream of many. To have something out there which can help build your audience, share your skills and earn money in your sleep. There are so many benefits to having an online course, but the trouble is knowing where to get started…

To help prepare you for creating an online course, please take a look at some of the questions below (which are covered in the Online course on How to Create an Online Course – which you can find here)

Step 1 – Vision

What are you looking to create?

What is your motivation behind creating an online course? 

What impact are you looking to make with your students?

Step 2 – Audience

Who are your audience and where will you find them?

How will you get to know your audience and their needs?

Step 3 Content

What do you want to tell them?

What do they want to know and how do they learn best?

Mix it up with activities and exercises to keep it interesting

Step 4 – Presentation

Will you present it via video, audio or written?

Will it be prerecorded or delivered live?

How will you ensure your course students can keep up?

Step 5 – Technicalities

How will you deliver the content?

Where will you host materials?

How can you take payment?

How can you limit the length of time they have access to content?

Find the right course platform to you and be sure to include automated payment processes

Step 6 – Launching

How will you build up to the launch?

What will make people buy?

How will you promote the course after launching?

Design a good build-up to your launch to create a buzz, excitement and pre-sales

Step 7 – Community

How will you welcome course students?

How will you create community around your course?

How can you encourage your course students to refer others to the course?

Top Tips

  • Planning is so very important! The more planning you do, the easier the process will be
  • Creating your first course is a steep learning curve, so be patient with yourself
  • Start by creating a course which you already have a demand for – this will motivate you to get it out!
  • Ask for feedback – this will help you develop them, and don’t 

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