7 ways to automate your business

So you may have heard about automation, but unsure how it can assist your business. 

Read the following tips below to understand how you can benefit –


#1 – Create a system

Mapping out what works and will work smoothly 

Customers will also love the clarity in how things work and will help build trust

Create workflows 

#2 – Set up a booking system

Who are your audience and where will you find them?

How will you get to know your audience and their needs?

#3 Plan and schedule content in advance

You can also schedule your email newlstter (available for free with older Mailchimp accounts) 

#4 – Use a CRM system

Log communication with your customers and mark which phase of the sales pipeline they are

Set reminders for following up sales prompts

#5 – Use automated payment processes 

I recommend using stripe which is great for simple customer transactions through a button directly in their invoice delivered via email. 

You can also set subscriptions for regular work which can take automatic payment and handles foreign currency well too. 

#6 – Set an auto-responder

Very few of my clients have my mobile number as thats not how I like to communicate. Communicating solely on email (with meetings hosted on Zoom arranged via Calendly) save 

If you’re away, you can set your autoresponder

You can now also set auto-reponders for Facebook and Instagram, and also with Whatsapp for business. 

#7 – Use an online store

Stop trying to juggle orders manually – if you sell products, whether these are physical or digital, having a platform that manages your sales and stock levels will be so much easier. Woocommerce for Wordspress is free, and you can easily set up an online store with Shopify. 

Top Tips

  • Planning is so very important! The more planning you do, the easier the process will be
  • Learn more about how the tools can be used – 

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