About Chloe​

& Pink Flamingo Marketing

Welcome! I'm Chloe

It’s great to have you here. 

I value great relationships with my clients, so I’m very happy to share a bit more about me, and if you have any questions, just ask!

A few things I'm passionate about...


Making things simpler is better all round!


Things have to be fun, otherwise we don’t want to do them. 


Being part of a community where we can share knowledge and support is so important. 


Burnout has been a huge issue of mine in the past which is why I have strict boundaries with my work-life balance. 

A bit about my style...

I have a thirst for knowledge and always reading up on marketing and business strategy with podcasts, online courses, audio books, workshops, and webinars. Social media has become second nature to me, and I monitor updates to the platforms and industry pretty much every day.


Client’s have described me as the Marie Kondo of marketing, decluttering their marketing systems and helping to get things organised!

I believe that effective marketing is all about finding and embracing your unique style. Building your community and developing client relationships so that they trust you and want to spread the word.

I’m not much of a fan of mainstream advertising, focusing more on creating sustainable organic promotion methods that will help you build your business. 

Where it all started...

I first fell in love with marketing when I was 15 and started heading up the promotion team at my local community theatre, moving on to working as a promotions coordinator for a 

With a thrist for business and marketing, I studied a BTEC in Business and gained the higher grade of a triple Distinction. During this time studying the creative launch of the new Fiat 500 was a campaign that really caught my eye and began a life-long fascination with branding and consumer psychology (and was also my next car!)

From there, I gained a 2:1 BA in Business and Management Studies (with Marketing) at Cardiff Met University, graduating in 2013.

When I left University, I worked for a few agencies and in-house at a tech company, always freelancing on the side until 2015 when I took the leap to set up Pink Flamingo Marketing. Getting to work with brilliant people on such diverse projects is such a pleasure, and setting up my business has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve worked with 100s of businesses in various project capacities ranging across many industries including health & wellbeing, hospitality, consumable goods, entertainment, events, and yachting services.


I think as a business owner its very important to have clear boundaries. After all, we don’t have a staff handbook to follow. 

I’ve very strict with communication policy, where I will not give out my personal whatsapp number because essentially, if I see a message when I’m winding down for sleeping at 11pm, then I can’t help myself than to action on it, and therefore wake myself up. Same goes for when I’m having a day off and my work brain kicks into action. So this is one of the reasons I keep all communication to email, and of course when we meet on Zoom too 🙂 

What Clients say about me...

A bit more about me...

In my spare time, I love to cycle, dance, practice yoga and explore nature in my van. I’m a Sagittarius sun with Capricorn rising, meaning I’m adventurous, success-orientated and love a challenge! 

I’m originally from rural mid Wales but now live in Brighton, UK. During winter you can often find me working remotely from Mallorca and where the majority of my clients are based as I used to live there. 99% of my work is online via Zoom, allowing me to work online with clients from across the world. 

Community is a huge aspect for me. I have a great network of trusted providers who I can connect you with.

Now it's your turn...

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