About Chloe

and Pink Flamingo Marketing

Hey! I’m Chloe, marketing consultant, mentor, and founder of Pink Flamingo. I’d love to help you use modern marketing techniques to grow your independent business.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing my passion for marketing. I teach clients like you to market yourself naturally, to understand how marketing works and above all; how we can make marketing fun. 

Don’t be afraid – marketing’s your friend!

No, really. I understand how marketing can seem very scary and overwhelming for many people. Let me consult and mentor you, and create a marketing plan that works. I’ll help you understand the fundamentals of modern marketing, so that self-promotion becomes second nature – and something that you actually enjoy. 

You can see more of my services here and how you can learn more about marketing here.

Be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons!

I’m known as the ‘Pink Flamingo’ myself, having a reputation of creatively designing strategy that enables you to stand out in the marketplace.

It is all about being a bit different if you ask me.

I believe that effective marketing is all about finding and embracing your unique style. Building your community and developing client relationships so that they trust you and want to spread the word.

I’m not much of a fan of mainstream advertising, focusing more on creating sustainable promotion methods that will help your business grow without remortgaging your house for ad spend!

I hold a degree in Business & Marketing and have worked in promotions for over 12 years, with my first position as an independent theatre promoter. I’ve run Pink Flamingo since June 2015 and have worked with 100s of businesses in various project capacities ranging across many industries including health & well being, hospitality, consumable goods, entertainment, events, and yachting services.

You can hear more about what my gorgeous clients have to say here.

I have a thirst for knowledge and always reading up on marketing and business strategy with podcasts, online courses, audio books, workshops, and webinars. Social media has become second nature to me, and I monitor updates to the platforms and industry pretty much every day.

In my spare time, I love to cycle, dance and do yoga. I’m a Sagittarius (Capricorn rising) which means I’m adventurous, success-orientated and I love a challenge. I’m blessed to work with clients all over the world, allowing me to work remotely with a laptop lifestyle.

I’m from Wales (UK) and based mainly between the UK and Europe, often found in Mallorca, Spain. Location is never an issue as we can work via Zoom with video call, audio & screen share, along with Google Drive which is a great resource.

If you would like to discuss how I can support you, please follow the link here to my online calendar where you can book a convenient time. 😊

I hope to connect with you soon!


Chloe X


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