5 things to consider when building a website

I’ve worked

Since 2020 I’ve always been working with clients on their website builds using Squarespace, which gives my clients full control to manage and update the site. 

Here are some of the top things I recommend you consider when building a website…

#1 – What does it need to do and say?

This is where it all needs to start… knowing exactly what you need!!

Unfortunately, this is also usually where people get stuck. And without it, can send people off on a tangent… 

Without being clear 

are you using it to. What information do

#2 – How do you want it to look? 

Have a look around – what inspires you?

What colour palette are you going to choose?

What fonts are you going to use? 

Make yourself a moodboard of screenshots that you find along your way. 

#3 – When will you launch it? 

Don’t get stuck in perfectionism
It will always be a working progress – what does it need to say and do now?

#4 – How will people find it?

Do you need to spend time on SEO or promoting it through social media, or it this merely something that you will

#5 – How will you update it?

How will you keep consistent with updates and changes? Having a monthly meeting can do wonders for

Top Tips

  • Work with someone who you know, like and trust. Someone who GETS you and understands what you’re. 
  • People will almost always be viewing your website on their phone, so always make sure that the mobile version of your phone also works well. 


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I do things a bit differently to most website builders, as we build it together and then I show you how you can update it yourself….Pretty cool right!?

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