6 steps to confident marketing

For independent businesses & personal brands

Gain instant access to the online course to move through at your own pace

Or join the live round with weekly support calls starting January 2021

Develop a confident marketing strategy step-by-step

Market from the heart

Create foundations that help you authentically and confidently market your business

Develop your message

Explore your best ways to comfortably communicate with your potential customers

Learn easy strategies

Learn more about to communicate your product, services and brand

create an action plan

Make a plan for future confident marketing

What would happen if you actually enjoyed marketing your business? 

If you felt confident promoting what you do best?

How would it impact your sales?  

Fancy seeing what happens?

No icky sales methods or marketing tactics that make you cringe.

Just heart-lead sustainable marketing practices to build your confidence for a bright future. 

Select the questions below to reveal the answers


If you’re a business owner, personal brand or entrepreneur who doesn’t feel 100% confident with marketing, then this is guaranteed to give you a boost!

You could be a new business owner, in business for many years or looking to start up, these foundations work at all levels. 

You don’t need to know anything about marketing, nor have much in place, just motivation to watch the videos, do the exercises and take some moments to reflect each week.

If you know that your business and its sales can improve by working on your marketing confidence, then this programme is going to give you the foundations you need!

If you have questions about how well suited you are to the programme, then please send me a message through my website here or send me a Facebook message here and I’m happy to advise you 🙂

Once you’ve booked your space on the programme, you will gain access to your course portal on the Pink Flamingo website  you can access your modules.

Each module has a number of short videos to explain the theory in an audio-visual format, allowing you to focus on key points on screen whilst I guide you through.

You also have plenty of exercises to practically map out your strategy ready to implement into your business. 

It will benefit you to have a few systems in place, but you don’t necessarily need anything as we’re building your confidence to get there 🙂  

If you have some social media channels and website already, then great, but we work on strategy that can also be implemented later. 

Not at all. I demonstrate how to build sustainable ways of building your marketing with little or no investment. 

We cover ways to build your marketing organically without any expensive ads campaigns or investments in tech, so this programme doesn’t cost anything other than your time, which you will see plenty of return on investment from 🙂 

The programme price is currently available at £120 (approx 135€ / 150US$) 

The programme will be launch again with a live round later in 2020 at the full price of £179. 

The Process

What we cover

Step One

What do you want to achieve?

Foundations, goals & limiting beliefs.

Step Two

Who are you marketing to?

Customers & building relationships

Step Three

What are you marketing?

Core offering & benefits

Step Four

What do you need to tell them?

Developing your message

Step Five

Confident marketing methods

Online and offline

Step Six

Creating a plan

Ensuring future marketing confidence

Developing a strategy for Confident Marketing

  1. 6 in-depth modules each containing 3 audio-visual videos sharing the theory and strategies

  2. along with practical exercises which will build your clarity and confidence


The online course is now available for you to move through at your own pace

Or you can wait until January 2021 for the next live round of the course with group calls and additional support

What format works best for you?

You can either start the online course now or join the live group round in September

Online Course


12 months access to the course modules

Online portal access for videos & materials

Marketing exercises & frameworks 

Move through the steps at your own pace

Instant access to the online modules

PLUS 30-min call with Chloe to discuss ideas & questions

 1:1 programme

  • Weekly zoom group call
  • PPrivate Facebook group

12 months access to the course modules

Online portal access for videos & materials

Marketing exercises & frameworks 

12 x 1 hour calls one to one 

Full guidance through each step

Great value at £695 (worth over £1000)

Have questions or want to chat how you can benefit?

What my clients say

The Programme Leader

Hi, I’m Chloe and I help you take the fear, frustration and overwhelm out of promoting and growing your business. 

Working with hundreds of business owners over the past 5 years , there is one common theme I’ve seen clients come up against: fear of promotion and confidence

I believe once we work on this fear and build our confidence with marketing, we can enable our business grow and prosper.

Chloe Morris

Course Mentor & Founder of Pink Flamingo Marketing