If you feed a [Wo]man a fish, you will feed them for a day.

If you teach a [Wo]man to fish, you will feed them for a lifetime. 

This is very much my approach when it comes to marketing. I believe that mentoring and empowering is the best way for you to build a unique marketing strategy for sustainable success.
I cover a wide range of marketing and social media topics, with a range of group workshops and online training. Please see my Facebook events for upcoming events and locations. 
I also write and deliver personalised training for individuals and businesses, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss ideas. 

Available Workshops:

Marketing & Goal Setting Graphic
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"I love to teach, train and empower as much as I love to set the strategy and plan it all out. Most of all I love to see people making progress and gaining results - gathering the fruits of their harvest."




“This morning I was lucky enough to attend the goal setting and marketing workshop with chloe, after just recently becoming full time self employed, allowing myself time to focus on my health and wellness business ( just a few days ago!!) it was great to sit down and get clear on my goals and make a plan for the future, the marketing advice was really helpful and I now have so many resources to look up and help me in the near future, I also loved meeting other like minded entrepreneurial woman to share ideas with, it's so great to know we're not alone out there even though we do work for ourselves, thanks again chloe for a great morning cannot wait for your next event!!!”

- Sherree Murray - health, wellness & fitness mentor

Thanks Chloe for a great workshop last week. It was nice to have marketing advices, and also to meet other great entrepreneurs!!!


Sandrine Antenucci - Yoga Teacher

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