30 Days of Female Empowerment

Recently I ran a 30-day interview series investigating the topic of Female Empowerment amongst 30 fabulous Fempreneurs. Gaining their definition, inspiration and empowering words.

Female Empowerment Challenge


Day 1 – Chloe Morris, owner of Pink Flamingo Marketing!

“Empowerment comes from within. It’s a belief in yourself that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Believe in yourself and believe in others. Together we empower one another.”

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Day 2 – Lisa Lochhead, Visual Artist & women’s workshop facilitator.

“I feel by living and sharing what I am discovering, which is the love, the beauty, the inherent transformative power of our creative potential is vitally important. Its a language of deeper meaning to be shared and communed with each other. So we can all keep growing and flowering and reaching our highest potential.”

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Day 3 – Britt Ashley, Consultant specialising in Web Design, Branding & Influencer Marketing.

“For me, women’s empowerment means lifting each other up and sisterhood. Learn to collaborate — not compete — with other women. ”

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Day 4 – Emma Fenton, Photographer based in Mallorca.

“Female empowerment is about women seeing and feeling how amazing they are right now.”

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Day 5 – Carys Andersson-Jones, Fitness & Weight-loss Coach

“Empowerment is a sense of determination that comes up from the inside, right from the pit of your stomach and into the middle of your chest and it gives you the power and strength to go forward with determination for whatever it is that you believe in.”

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Day 6 – Navina Baur, Storyteller & Translator.

“To me, empowerment always meant the support of others to become more confident and stronger regarding one´s life, skills, business. But with this challenge, I had a second thought and now realized, that empowerment also comes from within, we can and more importantly have to empower ourselves…”

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Day 7 – Shanna Jones, Investigative Journalist based in Sierra Leone

“Female empowerment is found on the journey of your own path through life. It means finding the courage in yourself which will guide you towards your dreams and boldly say “move” to obstacles blocking your way.”

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Day 8 – Sami Blackford

“When we are in a place where we love everything about ourselves, then we are truly empowered. And it’s unconditional self-love.”

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Day 9 – Holly Vandyke who works for No More Taboo, an organisation who work with tackling period poverty.

“On a personal level, I feel empowered when I have the choice to do what I want when I want, and for the most part, I do. To me, empowerment means being free.”

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Day 10 – Su Dodd, owner of From Clothing

“Empowered people live at a higher positive vibration, that subsequently impacts everyone else they meet, connect and engage with. We know self-worth, appreciate its infinite value and embrace it in others.”

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Day 11 – Cath Sawyer, owner of Catherine Alice Jewellery

“It is massively important to empower others. To empower others gives them strength and encouragement which can sometimes be hard to find. I feel that if you can be compassionate towards others and support peoples goals this will cultivate good positive energy.”

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Day 12 – Katya Verstraelen, a coach from Belgium who is also running the #BikiniProof campaign.

“Empowerment for me is ‘daring to keep your heart wide open’. Even when it is scary. I had a problematic childhood and had a lot of struggles in life, but my drive always has been: ‘At the end of my life, I don’t want to regret the things I didn’t do’.”

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Day 13 – Brenda Alas Delgado, yoga teacher based in Mallorca.

“To me, empowerment means to have compassion. To see my flaws and accept them. A deep self-love and connection with myself.”

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Day 14 – Velimira Ivanova, owner of The Workshop Cafe + Cycles,  a combined cafe and cycle shop and fabulous pop-up space where I host my Palma workshops.

“To me, empowerment means freedom to express yourself, ideas and beliefs. Empowerment is that grit which carries on your ideas to other people. Empowerment always brings change. However, change can be only embraced if it is brought by sincerity. People feel it on a very subliminal level.”

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Day 15 – Heidi Ostergaard Fleischer, a creative consultant from Copenhagen and owner of online store Feinful Select .

“Share what you know, be generous with help and knowledge. I share all my professional knowledge with others in the same position, I am never scared to tell others how I do things, I always think it will come back a thousand times.”

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Day 16 – Vickie Remoe, a storyteller, marketer, blogger and travel talk show host based in Ghana.

“I’m a huge fan of #ShineTheory, the idea that you pass on opportunities, collaborate and support the growth and success of other women. I am intentional about enabling the success of others because I know that a community of strong empowered women is better for us all.”

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Day 17 – Rebecca Sampson-Jorge, Artist and Designer behind Ego Ogre.

“Empowerment is feeling content in who you are and how you are living your best life. It’s having the confidence to be your true self and to be doing your thing and to use that power to inspire others to do the same. Empowerment is a powerful force that inspires non-judgement, unity and creativity.”

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Day 18 – Stephanie Ah Tchou, Kundalini Yoga teacher and creator of Satnama.

“To me, empowerment means to feel and know deep down inside you that you CAN. You have this unlimited power within you, you just have to know how to connect and activate it.”

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Day 19 – Vita Babens, Holistic virtual assistant at Your Holistic VA

“Empowerment to me means being able to fully take responsibility for your life, learning to shut down all the noise and listen to your heart. And most importantly learn to follow it without fear. Ultimately it’s the freedom to fully be authentic, take risks and be fully present in your life. “

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Day 20 – Katya Kovacheva, owner of The Old Fashioned Caravan and Ohana Travel Experience.

“Empowerment is not given by someone. It is allowing our selves to be empowered by accepting the whole of us (yes, with every single flaw we focus so much on) and let our own light shine regarding your family, partners or social expectations. It is something like liberating a force of nature deep within. Once this is done you are unstoppable.”

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Day 21 – Kristan Jane, owner of FBA Female Business Academy where enables people to create their own Amazon store.

“Empowerment is choice. To be able to choose what you want to do and to not feel guilty if the answer is that I don’t want to do it. To always make decisions from a place of love.”

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Day 22 – Alexandra Payne, writer & blogger.

“My definition of “empowerment” is to have the courage, tenacity and self love to be able to take risks, confront challenges, dig deep and do the inner work, be fully authentic, love and believe in yourself no matter what, and make positive change for others – all the while finding happiness.”

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Day 23 – Vianessa Castaños, writer, producer and actor based in Miami. Founder of Hustle Juice, an online resource for digital nomads.

“I don’t think one can fully feel empowered until they use their knowledge and resources to boost up the people around them. We can all be strong individuals with limitless potential, but none of us can do it alone.”

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Day 24 –Michaela Merten, a happiness consultant, author and retreat facilitator.

Empowerment is incredibly important for freeing yourself from any limiting beliefs. There is so much more in life to explore. Transform your habits into uplifting, positive ones.

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Day 25 – Maria Abascal, traveller and owner of Travel Africa.

“Empowering others is everything in this world, if everyone felt empowered the world would be a happier, Fuller, less aggressive and less envious place! Either way, once you feel empowered it’s contagious like you want to show everyone what it feels like!!”

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Day 26 – Abbie Lewis, Artist and Hand-Poke Tattooist at Silver Moon

“My definition of empowerment is kind, fierce and beautiful. Not just the kind of beautiful that’s ‘aesthetically pleasing’ the kind of beautiful action that makes you feel so deeply about something that you become empowered by it. Could be a random act of kindness, a compliment, a beautiful view or thought.”

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Day 27 – Juliet Tripp, events manager.

“Empowerment to me is an opportunity to shout from the rooftops about what it is that inspires you about yourself or others. Being fiercely loyal to yourself and to others without fear of self-doubt or judgement getting in the way. “

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Day 28 –  Sarah Bond, HR Manager, Coach & Consultant

“Knowing you have choices, the right to change your mind and the right to say yes or no to life’s riddles. Choosing you over expectations.”

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Day 29 – Hannah Russell of Viveco, an online store specialising in sustainable alternatives to plastic.

“Empowerment for me was the realisation that even small things that you say and do can make a positive difference, and through the support and encouragement of others gaining the confidence and belief in myself to put my words into actions!”

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Day 30 – Anne Scott, Founder of Girl Gone International.

“Through my own life experience, I have learned the power of what women can achieve when working together for the good of one another, the power to influence the world and the power to bring it closer together.”

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The Interview series has been highly popular and I have decided to carry on with a regular feature (hurray!)


If you would like to get involved, please get in touch!


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