What would happen if you enjoyed marketing your business?

Overwhelmed by marketing your business?

Worry it’s holding you back?

Need to create comfortable steps to do so but feel the ‘Fear Of Promoting Yourself’ (FOPY)? 

"I'm excited, no longer overwhelmed about my promotion. Whilst I have the dedication, I wasn't confident in getting my message out there. Now I have a clear path and actionable plan that will save me a lot of flailing around in the dark and wasting time."

Learn the Secrets of Successful Self-Promotion

Grow your knowledge

Learn more about how marketing works and how it can support your business

Discover your Promotion style

Find how you can promote your business to fit your personal style

Build your confidence

Understand what is holding you back and build the confidence to promote yourself

Create an actionable Plan

Get the tools and frameworks to implement your ideas in a way you'll actually enjoy

Do you:

Feel Overwhelmed by marketing

Know you are holding your business back

need to create comfortable steps to promotion

What is FOPY?

FOPY  is term I coined after realising just how common ‘Fear Of Promoting Yourself’ was. Working with 100s of business owners over the past 5 years, I have developed these ‘Forget Your FOPY™’ tried and tested techniques and strategy with my clients of Pink Flamingo Marketing and seen such great results, they were too good not to share. 

Is this course for me?

If you’re a business owner, personal brand or solo entrepreneur who stuggles with self-promotion, this course is perfect. 

If marketing isn’t your bag, then this course will give you the understanding, tools and motivation to make it happen!

As someone who often has to wear many hats, including ones you don’t enjoy, Forget Your FOPY will at least make one of them feel more comfortable.  

How does the course work?

The course is taught in an audio-visual format, allowing you to focus on key points on screen whilst I guide you through the theory, exercises and tools to get you excited about promotion your business and get word out there!

Set over 8 modules, you can pause the videos and take regular breaks to reflect and integrate the content, with focused worksheet questions to enhance your learning. 

 Included in the program:

  1. 8 modules containing audio-visual modules

  2. Workbook

  3. Regular group coachings

  4. Discounted 1-to-1 FOPY coaching

  5. Private Facebook community


Do you want to learn to love your self-promotion? (yes, really!) 

Would you like to change the way you think about promotion?

Get creative, inspired and actually enjoy the process!! 

Creating an action plan to comfortable implement without feeling overwhelmed

Then this course is for you!


FHEs (Frequently Heard Excuses)

Maybe you don’t need a website anyway. Do you clients need to book, pay

A website doesn’t necessarily bring you new customers. You need to keep it up to date and work on promoting it so that people can find it to start with. 

With some businesses, social media is sufficient. So stop holding yourself back!

But do they really? How can people be reminded of your full product/services? And how much has it changed since you last spoke to them? 

We’re all busy and bombarded with information, so sometimes customers need a few more touch points to remind them you’re there and what you do. 

Just like if you were trying to travel somewhere new, you need some directions, a map or someone to guide you. Promotion is unlikely to work without some form of strategy behind it, this also goes for social media and advertising. 

Please don’t be a one-hit-wonder. 

It’s scary for us all when we first start, believe me (I’ve also been there). 

This program looks at how we get scared and how we can overcome this with easy strategy and practical exercises. 

You’re in safe hands. Promise. 

During this course you will learn how marketing works at its most basic level, giving you the knowledge and confidence in designing what works for you. 

If you don’t put the energy into promoting your business, then it’s unlikely that new customers will hear of you and ‘come knocking on your door’. 


The best person to be in control of your marketing it you. Having someone do your marketing still requires money, time and resource.

If you are working within a specialist industry or providing a service which is you, then you may end up spending more time inducting your VA or social media manager, proofreading and re-writing. 

Any of these sound familiar?

The Course

What we cover

Part One

Why Promote yourself

Part Two

How FOPY can impact your business

Part Three

Changing your marketing Mindset

Part Four

Defining your promotional style

Part Five

Building a brand you're proud of

Part Six

Identifying successful promotional methods

Part Seven

Small steps to more 'comfortable' self-promotion

Part Eight

Creating a plan of action


What's the price of removing your fopy?


The Course Tutor

Hi, I’m Chloe and I help you take the fear, frustration and overwhelm out of promoting and growing your business. 

Working with hundreds of business owners over the past 5 years , there is one common theme I’ve seen clients come up against: fear of promotion.

I like to call this area FOPY (Fear of Promoting Yourself). 

It can manifest in many different forms, and I believe that by learning how to recognise and “forget our FOPY”, we can enable our business grow and prosper.

Chloe Morris

Course Mentor & Founder of Pink Flamingo Marketing

Are you ready to

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  • 8-part video course
  • Worksheets
  • Private Facebook community
  • Group coaching every other month

Price guaranteed until 30th March 2020


Forget your FOPY is a journey and would recommend completing the course in sections over a few weeks, with plenty of reflection and integration time to let that FOPY go!

You are welcome to book an additional mentoring session with me at any stage when you feel you need some support. I am also happy to point you in the direction of a good coach or practitioner if you need some further FOPY work 🙂 

You have 365 days of access from the start of the course

I would hate for you to be disappointed so if you decide that the course isn’t for you then please can get in touch to discuss how you can receive additional support, materials or details of my refund policy. 

If you would like some one-to-one mentoring, or to find an accountability buddy, then I will help you gain the support you need.