Declutter your marketing systems

So, why declutter?

We all know Marie Kondo and the magic work she does for our closets, so why not do the same for our business and marketing processes. 

As we build our businesses, we often don’t see the holes in our offering, systems and customer journey. 

Having an objective look over how things go can help strengthen your business and develop foundations for an easier, more profitable future!

Here is a process which you can follow:

#1 – Identify what’s working (and what’s not)

  • Take a look at where your customers are currently coming from. This is something we often forget to think about 
  • Whats causing your stress, overwhelm or you don’t feel confident with? E.g. posting on Instagram, managing your calendar etc. 
  • What often breaks, glitches or doesnt work properly?
  • What content is working to get you noticed? Check your insight and analytics to measure conversions to your website and call to action. 
  • What areas of your promotion are you spending a lot of time on but getting little or no return? I see this often with Instagram where they’re spending hours on each post but getting very little reach. 
  • What advertising do you have running but isn’t bringing any return?

This process is vastly underestimated, and we don’t often take the time to give it an overview. Need an expert to objectively help? [Book a 2-part consultation to review and provide a clear action plan of improvements]

#2 – Take stock of what you’ve got

  • List out what marketing you have in place. Are you trying to do it all? How can you simplify things?
  • Start by tidying up your files so that you don’t find yourself hunting around for things all the time!!
  • Analyse what is taking up hours of your time. I often see this with Are you spending hours creating content? Can you streamline your content strategy? [Join the Maximise your Instagram workshop] 
  • Check message and call to action is consistent across all promotion channels
  • Does my website and social media represent what I do?
  • Do you have a way of keeping in touch with potential customers? If you don’t have a mailing list, read this on why you need one 

#3 Walk-through your customer journey

  • How well do you know your audience? Are you still satisfying their needs, or have they changed? Since the start of 2020 our customers needs have changed a fair bit, so ensure that you are still providing what they want in the way they want. 
  • Are potential customers aware of your full products and services when visiting your website and social media? Use the Facebook services tab, Instagram storyhighlights and the LinkedIn summary to list your services.  
  • Do potential customers know how and where to buy? Is your Call to action clear across your website and social media profiles and pages? Don’t complicate things and make them jump through hoops and message you. Not everyone is confident enough to ask! 

Are potential clients dropping off the journey before [Sign up for the Enhance your Customer Experience and Sales Process course here coming soon]

#4 – Decide what to improve, add and remove

  • Am I proud of what my website/branding and marketing presence looks like? Does it work well with my target audience? 
  • Are you proud of your website or does it need decluttering? (I just deleted over 20 pages off my site!)
  • Does your branding need refreshing?
  • Do you need to build your confidence with managing your marketing or find your promotional voice? [See more on the 3 month brand booster package here] 
  • Do you need to tidy up your website? Check for broken/old links, update your strapline, about page and refresh your products and remove any old services
  • Update your social media descriptions, profile pictures and update any pinned posts or story highlights
  • Do you need to start a mailing list to keep in touch with potential customers? [Join the Mailchimp set up workshop] 
  • Could using a booking system help take the weight off your shoulders managing your diary, taking payments and providing confirmations and reminders. [Join the Booking System Workshop here] 
  • Check your systems and automation – are you using them to them fullest potential, or maybe you need to get some in place

#5 – Make a plan for change and consistency

Any of this ring truth? Give me a shout and we can arrange some declutter sessions to get your business and marketing systems running smoothly. You can book marketing sessions here as and when you need them (min 3) to help you build seamless systems step-by-step. 

Top Tips

  • Take time regularly to declutter things. Keep organised and note down ideas and tasks as they come to you.
  • Get someone else to take a look – they will se things in a different way to you 🙂
  • You can always make improvements, so don’t get overwhelmed or think you’ve completed your declutter

One-to-one support to

Build your marketing systems

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