"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin

When running a business, there is a lot to learn, especially when it comes to marketing processes.

Mentoring combines marketing strategy with a hands-on approach for you to learn how to effectively promote your business in a way that feels natural to you. 

I believe that in the long term, the best person to market yourself is YOU. This is why I’ve developed my mentoring services. 

My aim is to take the fear, confusion and overwhelm away from marketing. Helping you enjoy the process so that it becomes second nature as you run your business.

Each mentoring session is completely tailored to what you and your business need to grow and develop, blending topics as you require.

Mentoring Topics to choose from:

Marketing Strategy Topics

  • Developing your core message
  • Elevating your brand and market presence
  • Identifying your ideal client and understanding how to fulfil their needs
  • Defining your product and service offering
  • Establishing pricing structures
  • Creating an effective sales strategy, including methods for increasing leads, conversions, repeat custom and referrals
  • Designing packages, promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Developing your key service packages
  • Auditing and evolving your marketing presence
  • Creating a marketing plan that works for you – aligned with your goals for growth and development

Social Media Topics

  • Developing your social media strategy
  • Social media mentoring and training across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Social media content strategy and planning
  • Content coaching
  • Designing a beautiful Instagram grid visual
  • Developing a social media campaign
  • Building your online audience and followers
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising

Systems and Processes

  • Redesigning your customer’s journey to increase satisfaction, referrals and repeat business
  • Identifying and implementing automation processes, such as booking system
  • Optimising your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes
  • Building and developing your mailing list, ensuring you gain the most from MailChimp
  • Form a lead magnet and opt-in strategy for your mailing list
  • Creating an event format
  • Event promoting strategy
  • Creating a tailored launch plan strategy

So how does it work?

  • Mentoring sessions take place over Zoom, with video, screen sharing facilities and the opportunity to record the session
  • We start by identifying all your mentoring needs within your first session, identifying where we can tune-up your marketing processes and knowledge
  • Each session you gain a personalised action plan and that opportunity for the session to be recorded so you can listen/watch back at a later date
  • You have your own Google Drive folder containing  your session notes, recording and mentoring materials
  • Each mentoring session lasts for 2 hours, or if you prefer, 90 mins with a 30 min check-in between sessions
  • You can book as many mentoring sessions as you want or need starting from a minimum of 3 sessions within the first 6 months
  • You also have access to effective online training videos and updates to assist your learning between sessions

Mentoring session £150

In order for me to provide a high level of service, I work with a limited number of clients at any one time, so please check with me about availability. 

You can choose how much time you need between your sessions, but you must complete a minimum of 3 mentoring sessions in the first 6 month period. 

Your personal Mentoring Programme

This programme is designed to take the fear, frustration and overwhelm out of promoting and growing your business, creating a gradual marketing plan that works for you!

Each business and business owner is completely unique, which means that mentoring packages are specifically designed for your required level of strategy and support in order for you to see maximum results. 

To give you an idea of how a mentoring package can look:

• Setting goals for future growth and development

• Developing your core messaging

• Uncovering what makes you unique

• Audit of all current messaging

• Establishing your ideal client and their needs

• Defining your packages, promotions and service offerings

• Identifying the most effective marketing methods to sketch out your marketing plan

• Mapping out and developing your customer journey

• Analyzing areas and methods for growth and development

• Defining your products and service offerings

• Establishing pricing structures

• Developing your key service packages 

• Auditing all current online and offline marketing presence

Including: website, internet presence, social media, mailing list, and print materials

• Designing a strategy for building your mailing list, including:

Ideas for the Opt-in and lead magnet to encourage website and social media visitors to sign up and submit their details

• Developing ideas for a lead magnet (ebook, workbook, audio) to encourage the signup

• Creating your lead magnet structure or template   

• Designing the workflow of emails the subscriber will receive once they have signed up

• Mentoring on how gain maximum return from your online presence and social media

• Strategies for building your audience, develop relationship and increase inquiries 

• Hands-on design of your social media banners and social media graphics within Canva for you to repurpose 

• Creating a strategy for Facebook,  Instagram & LinkedIn

• Developing content ideas for social media, blog and email marketing

• Content coaching to show you how to advance ideas

• How and where to source images and external content 

• Ideas for a marketing campaign 

• Creating a content plan for the future

• Identifying the most effective marketing methods to sketch out your marketing plan

• Mapping out and developing your customer journey

• Analyzing areas and methods for growth and development

This complete sample package costs £1200

Prices guaranteed until 30th December 2019

In order for me to provide a high level of service, I offer a limited number of packages at once, so please check with me about availability.


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