Creative Marketing Planning

Planning makes so much sense!! 🙌🏼✨

As Dale Carnegie says, “one hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing” 

Rather than getting into a frustrating tangle of not knowing where to start and being overwhelmed with juggling too many things…

Planning helps us know what, where and when to focus so we can better allocate our time and resources, to reach our goals 🙏🏼

Planning doesn’t need to be dull, which is why I’ve produced a workbook to bring your planning alive and become a creative activity. 

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Accompanying with the workbook, here is some more information:  

#1 – Vision & Mindset

Getting clear on what you want to grow or develop over the next 12 months or so is vital to your planning.

Without clarity  it makes it very hard to know which way you’re going and plan ahead. 

Clarity of your vision is the absolute foundation to your success, which is why it’s module one  of the Confident Marketing course, which provides a toolkit for building your strategy. 

Mindset impacts everything to do with your future outcome. If you don’t believe that you can do it, then you probably won’t. Things will only ever be as good as your mindset, and this needs consistent work.

If you’re needing to do some work on your mindset, then this is an area I would love to support you with, either through 1:1 mentoring sessions and packages here or with the Marketing Mindset Mastery Course here

#2 – Love Your Marketing

Being proud of your presence and what you’re putting out there makes all the difference.

If you have a logo that you hate or a website that you’re embarrassed to look at, then you won’t be attracting the right energy to it.

Loving your marketing is about being proud of your presence and what you put out there. 

Enjoy the creative process of working on your marketing is essential to its success. If you resist or fear your marketing activities, then how will anyone ever hear about you? 

If you would like to learn to improve your relationship with marketing, see the Marketing Mindset Course here

#3 – Review

Taking a look at your business, marketing presence, website, promotional tools and business systems etc. is an important process to analyse where you’re at.

In this exercise, not only do we identify what is running smoothly, but also where work is needed also. 

Becoming aware of what is and isn’t working, instead of burying your head in the sand will help you identify what changes you need to make, in order to take things forward. 

#4 – Prioritising Tasks

You can do anything, you just can’t do everything.

Instead of trying to spin all the plates, and sinking yourself down into a pit of overwhelm, it really is best to prioritise!

In the workbook, I present you with my favourite method to work out what you need to get done now, work on later and ditch completely!

If you need some assistance prioritising and shaping a plan, you can book a marketing session here

#5 – Make an action plan 

The planning structure in the workbook is designed to break things down further with action steps each week to build your overall plan. 

Creating consistent actions builds momentum and brings results without so much pressure. 

If you’re looking for guidance to create and  implement your plan, you can see the packages here

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