Planning & Prioritising

As business owners and entrepreneurs; Sometimes we feel like we are swamped with thousands of tasks and to-do’s we NEED to complete in order to meet our goals. So how can we prioritise and plan our time so we work efficiently and achieve our aims?


Firstly- some clear thinking: Be kind to yourself and remember- ‘We can do anything, just not everything’! Work out what exactly you’d like to achieve and eliminate anything from your to do list that doesn’t contribute to you reaching your goals.


Working with others can help us view our business with more clarity and i always reinforce the virtues of co working. In the fight against entrepreneurial isolation i encourage you to reach out and turn those instagram friends into ACTUAL friends who can offer helpful tips and advice.


Prioritising is essential to moving forward with your business with confidence- so ask yourself some questions like;

Will this task help develop my business in the future?

Do i need to do this task NOW?

Do i even want to do this task or am i putting it off?


There are loads of awesome worksheets out there which can assist with prioritising- these are a few of my favourites:

  • Be, Do, Have: Set yourself a time period (I recommend six months) and decide where you want to BE, what you want to DO and what you want to HAVE by the end of that time.
  • The Eisenhower matrix: This timeless classic sheet separates tasks into categories; urgent important, non urgent important, urgent non important, non urgent non important.  These categories can help us decide whether to do something now, schedule it, delegate it or delete it.
  • Weekly planning sheets: Set aside some time every Sunday to slot in tasks from your Eisenhower matrix into a weekly plan. You’ll feel more in control and confident with your workload in no time!


You can find these sheets on my websites ‘resources’ page here:


Journalling can also be a useful way to review what went well and what didn’t with regards to your business activities. Combining advance objective setting with considered evaluation of what’s already passed can steer you towards effective working as you move forward.


Delegation can be a great way to work efficiently and claw back some precious time. If you have tasks you could confidently hand over to someone else- for example your social media plan, your marketing activities, bookkeeping or administrative tasks- then go for it! Outsource tasks you don’t need to specifically do yourself.


Distraction is one of the main pitfalls of the social media age and can lower our productivity. Luckily there are lots of ways we can prevent distractions from interfering with our work!

Some tips are:

  • Control your time on social media using an alarm or egg timer, or even better, switch social media apps off during certain times.
  • Create a limit on email and notification checking. Let clients know you only check messages between certain hours. We should be proactive with our correspondence- not reactive. Don’t jump to attention every time you get a notification!
  • Create a list of objectives for the day and schedule them into time slots throughout the day- for example- between 10-11am i will write a blog post, between 11-12pm I’ll respond to emails. Strict time structures can reduce procrastination greatly
  • Go old school and get a paper diary to complement any online scheduling you use! If you aren’t checking your phone calendar constantly you are less likely to be distracted by messages.


In short; by working with and gaining insight from others, asking questions to evaluate our goals, using planning tools and worksheets, delegating and limiting our distractions we can plan and prioritise successfully to grow our businesses.


Remember your goals should align with your values, and to put your energy into something worthwhile. If it’s not working, don’t be afraid to try something else. As one of my favourite phrases goes:


‘Don’t plug leaky boat holes, find better boats’.


Find an app, a tool or another way of doing something. Ask friends and other entrepreneurs for advice on relevant Facebook pages- such as on Fempreneur Flamboyance- . More often than not people have experienced similar issues and are delighted to engage!


I hope these tips have given you some inspiration- be bold and get organised you fabulous entrepreneurs! I’d love to hear from you with any other tips on planning and prioritising we can share with our fellow entrepreneurs- comment here or contact me at…….

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