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Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or lost with where to start with your marketing? Then you’re in the right place… 

Your business is unique, which is why we create and develop marketing strategies that will be most effective for you. 

This is done within tailiored personal sessions or recorded online courses, allowing you to access the support you need.

Marketing Sessions


Consultations provide you effective strategy, insight and tailored plans to grow and develop your business. Here’s a little more how they work:

  • All sessions and packages are tailored to your needs, perfect for personal brands!
  • Practical sessions on Zoom using screen share to set up, demonstrate and co-create action on your marketing tasks 
  • Access to resources, tutorials and  templates to assist your progress
  • Downloadable session notes with action plans and checklists to guide you

The main areas I cover:

Customer Journey

Lead magnets, creating a content plan, encouraging sales and lead magnet strategy.

Social Media

Strategy, training & content coaching to maximise results across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Campaigns & Launches

Create a memorable campaign for brand awareness, or to promote/launch an event or service

Launch Plans

Gain tailored content plans, promotional plans and checklists to take the stress out of things!

Systems & Automation

Set-up, implementation and mentoring to master your tech and system to support running your business.

Audits & Reviews

Uncover what can be improved with step-by-step feedback and action plans to follow

Areas we can work on:

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• Identifying areas of your business and marketing for growth and development

• Establishing what foundations you need in place e.g. branding, website, point of sale etc.

• Analysing your current marketing presence and how to improve it

• Setting initial plans for future development

• Establishing your ideal customer and their needs

• Understanding where to find your customers and grab their attention

• Building your audience, developing relationships and creating desire for your brand

• Mapping out and developing your customer journey as the best way to guide your customers through the sales process

• Establishing your products and service offerings and descriptions

• Defining the benefits and USP (unique selling point) of what you offer

• Communicating your offering through your website, social media, print materials etc.

• Developing and communicating your packages and promotional offers

• Finding the best way to describe what you do

• Developing your brand message, strapline and descriptions

• Auditing, developing and improving your current messaging on your website, social media, print materials etc.

• Finding your promotional style and voice

• Identifying and removing promotional limiting beliefs

• Building your marketing mindset

• Creating a plan to overcome promotion procrastination and perfectionism

• Identifying which social media channels will be the most effective to focus on

• Establishing content topics which your audience would want to hear or know more about 

• Building an audience on social media organically

• Content coaching to help you develop ideas and re-purpose content

• Visual content planning – using Canva to design graphics and sourcing images

• Social media set up and training

• Creating Facebook and Instagram adverts

• Designing a social media campaign

• Identifying and mapping out what you need from a website and what it needs to include

• Writing  and updating your website content and customer experience

• Drawing a sitemap and user experience (UX) ready for your designer to build your website for efficiency

• Auditing and improving your current website with hands-on updates & improvements made live with screenshare

• Creating a simple template website together (e.g.  using Squarespace or Wix) with hands-on sessions and screenshare

 • Training you to update and use your website on WordPress, Wix & Squarespace

• Setting up of your Mailchimp account and mailing list

• Creating a lead magnet (ebook, workbook, challenge) to encourage the signup to your mailing list

• Setting automation for delivery of lead magnet

• Campaigns to build your mailing list

• Newsletter content planning

• Automated workflows for subscribers

• Streamlining your sales process so customers can easily buy through taking online payments, booking systems, or online store

• Designing methods to increase conversion rates, enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat sales and referrals

• Identify systems to save time and make things easier with automation workflows, auto-responders, scheduling, apps, reminders and follow-ups

• Setting up your mailing list and email workflow to be automatically delivered to the subscriber

• Prioritise what needs to be done when and how

• Simple promotional planning

• Creating an ongoing content plan for social media, blog and email marketing

• Creating a marketing plan which you can manage yourself in the future (if you want to!)

• Designing your launch strategy and campaign

• Planning content for the build-up to launching your product/ service/ business

• Mapping out a launch preparation checklist

What client's say

Packages are completely tailored to your needs, so please get in touch about how we can build one for you.

I offer monthly marketing co-creation sessions from £150/month (min 6 months) or a range of sample packages below, which include:

- Strategy
- Website
- Simplify
- Launch

Each package has a set number of 1:1 sessions that can be booked over a course of 6 months.

1:1 Packages Available

The Details

Session-by-session we build your marketing strategy with ideas, feedback and action plans to guide you every step of the way. Also with access to the Confident Marketing course modules for further guidance.

How it works

Working through from vision & mindset; customers; offering; message; promotional tools and planning, to build a strong, confident marketing strategy.

What's Included

- Six 2-hour sessions where we build a strong strategy
- Free access to the Confident Marketing online course modules
- Templates & resources

Package #2

The Website One

The Details

Want to create a website where you're involved, calling the shots and watching it come together as I build sharing the screen (with me doing the hard work!)

How it works

We create the plan, create and build your website together, session by session. I will also show you how to use and edit your website yourself.

What's Included

- Four 2-hour sessions where we strategise and create it together
- 4-page website build on Squarespace, Shopify or Podia
- Website plan templates & resources

The Details

Perfect if you're feeling in a tangle and looking to simplify your marketing processes. Looking at where you can save time, effort (and money) in your business.

How it works

We map out your customer sales journey to create a seamless experience, researching all the best automation processes and implementing a plan

What's Included

- Six 2-hour practical sessions with hands-on support
- Marketing activities plan & content plan
- Plan of practical solutions & resources

The Details

Looking to launch a new product, service, or even a new business with the greatest success. Let me guide you each step of the way with a tailored launch strategy and plan.

How it works

We step down your launch process session by session, with action plans and checklists to follow

What's Included

- Six practical 2-hour strategy & co-creation sessions
- Custom built launch process
- Checklists and activities map built on Trello

All packages are completely customisable and tailored to your needs and requests.
Sessions are advised to be taken fortnightly over 3 months, but you can book them to suit you over a 6-month period.
Please note that sessions are not available in August and December where I take a break!

Payment Plans also available

How can I help you?

1:1 Session

Tailored marketing power hour to gain strategy, ideas, feedback, practical actions & to follow!

1:1 Package

A 6-month journey to build your strategy, develop your systems or launch your brand.

Course Academy

Informative and practical courses with insight, tools and templates with instant access

Sessions and packages are booked paid in advance through the booking system subject to availability.

Some words from clients...

Shall we get the ball rolling with a consultation?

A great way for us to try out working together!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to develop your knowledge, I provide a range of online courses.
Some of the most popular include:

Courses Available

Depending on your needs and budget, I would recommend working on a package which will be tailored to your needs, but an online course is a great way to get started.

I do also offer 1:1 monthly marketing co-creation sessions for clients who're looking for more consistent help on an ongoing basis.

I'm really happy to walk you through these, so let's chat!