Business lessons of 2019

I just wrote out a list of all that has changed in my business over the past 12 months, and I’m pretty shocked at the outcome.⁣

I almost feel like saying “don’t try this at home” but I believe we can all do what we put our minds to. ✊⁣

See, this time last year I was burnt out, frustrated and wondering what direction to go next. ⁣

Something had to change. ⁣

So I started looking at my business model – where it was supporting me, where was causing energy leakages and how it aligned with my strengths and passions. ⁣

I’ve worked alot on my own mindset and let go of some baggage surrounding my business (such as FOAMO of what others are doing). I also prioritised my own learning and development so that I can feel better prepared to help others⁣

Focus this year:⁣
👉 Developed my consultation packages, reports and structure⁣
👉 Designed a client onboarding procedure⁣
👉Wrote and delivered 2 new business workshop formats with my new collaborator Coaching Palma⁣
👉 Underwent a complete rebranding which caused some growing pains, fears and tears… but so glad I went through this
👉 Had a new website built using a new visual builder which took some getting used to!⁣
👉 Set up new mentoring service for a client needing more ongoing assistance⁣
👉 Learned how to create an online course ⁣
👉 Launched 2 new online courses and 2 online workshops (with more on the way!)⁣
👉 Delivered 5 marketing transformation weekends where I offered unlimited* 1-to-1 strategy and support with my clients ⁣
👉 Created 2 new workbooks, lead magnet strategy and developed my mailing list to include a monthly dose of marketing updates and motivation for my subscribers⁣
👉 Implemented new payment systems, booking system and automation tools⁣

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard work. ⁣
I’ve been pretty focused and anti-social, but I know these are all developments that I will benefit from for months and years to come, so now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride!⁣

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