Terms of Business


Any correspondence about work must be made through email. If you contact me via social media or WhatsApp, I will ask you to resend the request via email.

Due to most of my work being carried out via calls and video calls, I ask clients not to call without an appointment, so as to respect other clients.


  1. Each consultation appointment must be booked and paid through my online booking system Calendly.
  2. Consultations take place over Zoom, or by prior arrangement Skype/Whatsapp if Zoom is not possible. Any in-person consultations occur a premium charge to cover expenses.
  3. Any requests to rearrange appointments must be made 72 hours prior to the appointment, with requests may via email direct to Chloe.
  4. Clients are required to submit their objectives and any preparation 48 hours (excluding weekends) prior to their appointment, in order for Pink Flamingo Marketing to fully prepare for the consultation or mentoring.
  5. Refund Policy - upon execution of this agreement, you shall be responsible for the full fee. If you cancel any session for any reason, you will receive no refund. For rearrangements please see above.
  6. If you fail to attend a session for any reason at the booked time and date, you will forfeit the full session fee where you have paid in advance.
  7. You as the client must arrive on time for your sessions. Any late arrivals will be deducted from your session time. Please notify Pink Flamingo Marketing if you are late, or expect to be late. No refunds are given for no-shows.
  8. If the session does not go ahead due to Pink Flamingo Marketing having technical failures or for any reason Pink Flamingo Marketing cannot attend, your session will be rearranged or refunded as requested.


Additional Work

Any additional services required will be calculated and quoted on a project basis, and always agreed upon by the client before being carried out. There will never be any hidden surprises!

Late Payments

Pink Flamingo operates a professional service and strictly adheres to its late payment policy. No work is carried out without payment, so any late payments for monthly retainer clients will result in no results until the payment has been received.


"Chloe is a real Flamingo !

She is fabulous, bright and unique.

She is also cool, assured and utterly fabulous.

Being in business for over 25 years, marketing was never my favourite part of the job.

I followed Chloe’s footsteps and she showed me how marketing became fun, joy and an important part of my daily focus.

The result was that I became a Flamingo as well !

Thank you Chloe, it was lovely and inspiring to be coached by you."

- Gwendolyn Frankefort, First Luxury Palma

"Working with Chloe is an absolute dream. She enables you to transform your visions into action plans and guides you on how to keep showing up for yourself. She’s fabulous at hearing some of your ideas and helps you plan your execution in order to make them a success. Even when working from different countries I feel fully supported by Chloe and would recommend her to anyone who needs a bit of guidance - no matter where you are in your business journey. She’s not only got the knowledge of her field but she has a skill of making you believe in yourself & that anything you dream is possible - as long as you have a strong strategy in place!"

- Toyah Spooner, Toyah Emily 

"During my Marketing session, Chloe offered to deliver what I asked for.  However, her suggestion was to formulate one profitable and repeatable event, which will raise my profile, build my brand and provide value. She then structured a strategic launch plan, with each step broken down clearly, which I needed, as this will be my first proper business and marketing event ever.  I would never have come up with this ideal idea or the confidence to follow through without Chloe’s expertise. I felt heard, understood and supported.  Underneath Chloe’s relaxed style is a wealth of business experience and expertise, all focused on helping you and your business.  She matched me to a graphic designer and photographer, to get the look and feel I wanted and was struggling to articulate myself. After the session, I felt confident with marketing, previously my least favourite aspect of business.  Whilst I don’t need more sessions, I want them, as they are valuable, motivational and cut through the marketing BS. Chloe saved me a huge amount of time, money and provided the perfect solution for me right now and the in future."

- Jenny Bracelin, I Explain Money