We nail down what you really want & need from your website 


Together we co-create building your website on Squarespace 


Learn how to use your website giving you the freedom to make updates yourself! 


A plan to get your website out there into the world!!

I do things a bit differently to most website builders, as we build it together and then I show you how you can update it yourself…. pretty cool right!?

I work with you to fully understand what you need and create it in front of your eyes as I share my screen over Zoom. That’s pretty unique and gives you full control.

Website packages start from £695 and payment plans are available. Please get in touch and we can discuss what you need and how much this will cost.

You can also book a single session to get started on your website plan or maintenance issue here 

Guidance will be made on the text to be supplied. Errors are checked using Grammarly

The website is built and hosted directly with Squarespace. You will need to sign up for a Squarespace plan (not included, but roughly £10/month). 
This means you’re not tied into hosting with me. 

I train you in how to update and edit your website 
Any further edits can be made through further sessions as you need

If you have your logo, brand colour palette and fonts this is great and we can get started with the website immediately. 
If you don’t have branding, or want to update it, then no worries as we can create you a simple text logo along with a palette of colours and fonts for us to use on your website. 
This all depends on what you need, so it’s best we jump on a call and establish a plan. 
Book yourself a free call to discuss what you need here
Websites start at £695 but can also be created flexibly on a session-by-session basis. This is also great if you’re looking to make some adjustments to your current website. 
The link to book these single website creation sessions here.

If you’re looking for some updates or assistance on your existing site, then get in touch and I will have a look if it’s something I can help you with. 

I have experience working with WordPress, Wix and many other website platforms. So let’s jump on a zoom call and have a look behind the scenes together, then I can tell you know if I can help! Book yourself a free call here

Reach out and let’s get the ball rolling! Lead time on a website depends on seasons but we can always get the initial stages started and give you longer for the prep work such as preparing the content and photos. 

The best way to get started is by booking a free call here and we can discuss what you need and the next steps. 


Danae Borsani

"Super easy working with Chloe - fun and felt professional but also personal and formal but informal, like two friends meeting together. The website and studio came out better than expected. Looks more professional that I had imagined and really pleased with the result. I'm excited to get it out there, though a bit surreal that it's ready!"

Michaela Bowyer

""I was bursting with rambles and excitement for my webpage, but had no idea where to start. Chloe took all my ideas and visions that were often chaotic and designed my website beautifully. She was very good at listening to me, encouraging me, and understood immediately how important it was that my website represented me. I loved the way she just go on with things but was always open to listening to me. I am delighted with the results. The whole experience was very professional and personal. I am hugely grateful for the opportunity of working with you Chloe, along with the tips, support and ideas - thank you for genously sharing your knowledge. It was very positive and calming and massively efficient. I am already highly recommending your services."."

Emma Boardman

"The Dynamic Chloe from Pink Flamingo has created a legendary name for herself for a very good reason. She's one of the brightest lights in the world of Business and Marketing mentoring and my go-to-girl for anything in this arena. I’ve collaborated with Chloe across several projects over the years, including running my team marketing workshops and delivering dynamic 1-1 systems strategies for my ever growing empire. I was thrilled to hire her recently to support me with a new website build for my latest project. She’s an efficient and energetic systems whizzz who's always an absolute joy to deal with. Her pragmatic and punchy approach means stuff gets done properly, with no drama and none of the bullshit."

Questions or want to get started?

Let's have a chat on Zoom to get your plans together

Chloe Stephens

After realising that her website didn't represent her anymore (and unable to make edits to it easily), Chloe worked 1:1 with me to create her website to better reflect her and her offerings. It was essential that she could create and edit programme pages with her current offerings and be able to update it herself, so we ensured full training to give her complete flexibility. Testimonial on its way!!

Tracey Bayliss

"I loved creating my website and watching it develop. It helped me to work out what I am offering and who I am as a business person. Working with Chloe is like working with your best supportive friend combined with a professional demeanour and vision to get the job done! I've really enjoyed working with Chloe. Her exceptional knowledge and ideas have resulted in a professional website and clarification of what it is I'm offering, thank you so much!"

Andrea Proffitt

"Working with Chloe has been such a wonderful process, from our initial conversation I was confident I would achieve my goals. Her guidance, professionalism and marketing knowledge is second to none and the confidence I feel now moving forward is a world away from the anxiety, stress and overwhelm I was feeling at the beginning I would highly recommend Pink Flamingo Marketing. Literally has changed my whole perspective and now I am actually enjoying rather than dreading opening my laptop! I am so happy with where I am at currently and looking forward to working with Chloe on the next phase of my marketing going forward!"

The Rebel Guide

After working with Jacquie to set up her first business Equine Minds, her work has evolved and wanted to create something more dynamic. We set to work straight away drawing out her new brand and creating the website straight away which is still being added to behind the scenes.

Functional Therapy Space

Having worked with Jerilee under her own brand, I was brought in to create a one-page website and presentation for her new project. In a short space of time we created the brand look and feel, including the ncluding creating the branding and style. "Thanks for all your hard work. It looks fab. Thank you so much for putting this together for us at short notice!!"

Jo Beadman

"Chloe helped me improve my marketing, including creating an online shop on Shopify for me to sell my goods. Before working with Chloe my marketing was very amateur, but now I’m quite proud of my marketing presence and social media planning. It's been a steep learning curve for my basic tech skills, but I enjoyed it all. Chloe was so patient with me, she broke everything down so that I could understand easily and I’m now able to carry on with confidence in what I want to achieve. I thoroughly recommend Chloe."

And more portfolio being added...


New Squarespace site for Yayamaa

New squarespace site for Anja Freund Art

All packages are completely customisable and tailored to your needs and requests.
Website packages are to be completed within 3 months of purchase. Intensives can arranged to create your website in a short period of time.
Please note that sessions are not available in August and December where I take a break!

Payment Plans also available

Unsure of what you need?

Then I'm here to help! Book a free call and we can talk through what you're looking for.

Payment plans are available and I can also offer website creation on a session-by-session basis if you really need to break the process down.

I'm really happy to walk you through the step, so let's chat!

Other ways I can help you...