Online courses, workshops & mentoring to help your business grow

There’s an old analogy from the Bible…



I feel the same about marketing.

If you outsource your marketing, then you will never understand how it works, and you will always be reliant on your service provider. If you learn how marketing works for your business, then you set yourself up for a lifetime of opportunities.

Learn best 1-to-1?

Tailored Marketing Mentoring

We build your marketing strategy step by step, with support each step of the way, helping you understanding how to gain maximum return for your efforts and implement systems that will help you build and develop your audience into customers.

Build your knowledge, confidence and implement marketing strategy and systems

Online Learning Available:

6 steps to confident marketing

A comprehensive marketing 
  • Strategies for growing your comfort zone surrounding your marketing
  • Gain clarity on your customers, service offering and message
  • Learn the secrets to successful self promotion 
  • Tips and tricks to boost your confience 
Taught with slides and audio with exercises, templates & some 1:1 from £99

Forget your FOPY
(Fear Of Promoting Yourself)

Self-promotion isn’t always easy which is why in this course we tackle:

  • Identifying how fear, frustration and blocks could be showing up for you 
  • Change your marketing mindset to love promotion
  • Discover and embrace your own promotional style
  • Learn the secrets to successful self promotion
  • Identify your most successful promotional methods

Grow your business with online courses

Learn the ins and outs of putting together a course, including:

  • Vision, decisions & clarity
  • Finding & building your community
  • Content planning & presentation
  • Technicalities & preparations
  • Creating a successful course launch
Course videos available from 17th August 2020 

Creating a sell-out event format

Learn how to develop a sell out event format for your workshops, courses and retreats.

  •  How to find and connect with your audience
  • How to promote, where to promote
  • Designing the booking process
  • Strategies to increase your bookings

You will also gain all my templates and tips of how best to create your event description and encourage bookings

Foundations of Instagram for Business

  • Learn core Instagram strategy and how to use it to market your business
  • Understand the how, when, where and what to posting
  • Planning the grid and utilising hashtags
  • Strategies for growing your followers 
Audio-visual modules plus 30 min consultation to take you Instagram to the next level 

Marketing & Goal Setting Online Workshop

  • Identify areas of your business you want to grow & develop
  • Gain insight into how marketing and social media strategy can impact your business
  • Set your business and promotion goals
  • Create an action plan that will help you achieve them

Live Events & Online Workshops

I offer many live events in a variety of formats, both online and in-person. These include:

  • Webinars
  • Masterminds (coming soon)
  • Online workshops
  • In-person workshops
  • Marketing retreats – see here

All events are listed on my Facebook events – see below

You can also join the my Facebook community, The Marketing Flamboyance where I offer tips, tricks and free training. 

Unsure what you need?

I’m happy to chat through what online learning would be best for you, so please book a call and I’m happy to advise you what you need!

Have a course or workshop request?

I’m always happy to hear what you want to learn more about, so let me know!


Want some 1-to-1 advice?

Book a strategy session!

A single session to gain some ideas and developments to your marketing and social media strategy. Tailored to your needs, we establish how to evolve and improve your marketing presence to make it more profitable.

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