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Let's work together to help your business grow through practical marketing strategy, effective planning & marketing support.

I'll help you gain clarity, confidence & sales!

Key Areas

There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ marketing plan that will work for every business, which is why effective marketing needs to be created with your unique offering and business goals in mind.

The main ways I can assist you are :

Marketing Strategy Consultations

Marketing & Social Media Mentoring

Online learning through courses and workshops

Marketing fast tracks

Consultations are delivered via Zoom with screen share and record facilities.


Marketing & Social Media Strategy

Consultations provide you effective strategy, insight and tailored plans to grow and develop your business. Areas covered in consultations:

  • Core marketing & communication strategy
  • Brand strategy and development
  • Auditing & designing the customer journey
  • Designing marketing processes, systems & planning 
  • Identifies areas for growth, development, and launch

Consultations are booked by the hour allowing flexibility for as and when you need my assistance. Each session includes prior preparation, key notes and an action plan for you to implement. Meetings take place through Zoom with screen-sharing and recording facilities. 

popular services Include:

Marketing Audits

Uncover what is and isn't working with your business with step-by-step feedback and action plan of improvements to follow

Campaigns & launches

Create a memorable campaign for brand awareness, to build an audience or to promote/launch a project or service

Fast tracks

Get your marketing systems set up, a tailored toolkit and personal plans to launch. Pure action towards the launch of your new business or project.


Learn how to effectively marketing your business with jargon-free strategy and hands-on implementation for e

designed to create marketing clarity and confidence, so that marketing becomes second nature and something that you actually enjoy!

Learn how to market your business for the future, including using key frameworks that will lay solid foundations and over time, create a strategic plan to follow beyond your mentoring. The mentoring is delivered in a unique style, with a combination of jargon-free strategy, development and practical, designed to make marketing fun and creative.

  • Learn how to get maximum results from your marketing

  • Refining your personal marketing style

  • Boosting your confidence with marketing

  • Learn how to create great content for web, social & mailing list

Mentoring sessions cost £150 and you can find out more below

Promotions, Campaigns & Plans

Regardless of what you’re looking to promote or launch, chances are you need a creative campaign or plan to follow. There are my absolute favourite thing to do and work with you session by session to create:

  • Marketing & social media planning
  • Event promotion planning & strategy
  • Tailored launch plans & campaigns
  • Content coaching & planning 
  • Step-by-step action plans

All strategy is tailored for you, and is booked by the hour below:

Online Learning

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to develop your knowledge, I provide a range of online workshops & courses. They include:

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Marketing Fast track

Looking to completely transform your marketing presence, get everything set-up, and ready to launch in the space of a few weeks?

An intensive month with access to my knowledge and hands-on support to help lay foundations and push through action for an awesome future!

Areas which we cover:

  • Developing and strengthening your brand 
  • Identifying business development & sales strategy
  • Building your social media strategy and presence
  • Boost your confidence with promotion and social media know-how
  • Implementing systems, processes & automations
  • Creating a bespoke step-by-step launch plan

Intensives allow us to meet twice per week on zoom where we create effective strategy and create push action ready for results!

Other services

Now, I would never want to be ‘jack of all trades’, which is why I work with a network of trusted associates to bring you the services you need, which include:

  1. Graphic designer
  2. Web developer
  3. SEO consultant
  4. Online course mentor
  5. Podcast mentor and editor
  6. Video editor
  7. Copywriter
  8. Money coach & business mentor
  9. Life & business coach
  10. International photographers

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Want some 1-to-1 advice?

Book a strategy session!

A single session to gain some ideas and developments to your marketing and social media strategy. Tailored to your needs, we establish how to evolve and improve your marketing presence to make it more profitable

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