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Let's work together to help your business grow through practical marketing strategy, effective planning & marketing support.

I'll help you gain clarity, consistency & sales!

Key Areas

There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ marketing plan that will work for every business, which is why effective marketing needs to be created with your unique offering and business goals in mind.

The main ways I can assist you are :

Marketing Strategy Consultations

Marketing & Social Media Mentoring

Online learning through courses and workshops

Marketing Transformation VIP weekends

Consultations are delivered via videocall (zoom, skype, whatsapp) with screen share facilities.



My consultations offer you effective insight and plan in how you can grow and develop your business. Combining a simple, yet effective marketing methods which honor your own unique style and company values.

Areas covered in consultations:

  • Audits your current position and presence
  • Defining your key communication and processes
  • Provides a clear direction and action plan
  • Identifies areas for growth, development, and launch

Consultations start from £250 (Approx 300€ / US$330) with each consultation tailored to your individual requirements and level of support to see maximum return. Each consultation comes with key notes and an action plan for you to implement. Session take place remotely through Zoom from the comfort of your own office, with a chance to record the session to refer back to.

Packages Include


A short, intense, yet powerful package designed to give you the strategy, insight and tools to see your business & sales ROCKET!


Identifying the most effective growth strategy to meet your business goals, designing strong foundations to support you along the way.


Great for a new business, or existing business looking to launch new products & services which include an strategic launch plan to follow.


Taking you on a journey of promotional transformation designed to create marketing clarity and confidence, so that marketing becomes second nature and something that you actually enjoy!

Learn how to market your business for the future, including using key frameworks that will lay solid foundations and over time, create a strategic plan to follow beyond your mentoring. The mentoring is delivered in a unique style, with a combination of jargon-free strategy, development and practical, designed to make marketing fun and creative.

  • Learn how to get maximum results from your marketing

  • Refining your personal marketing style

  • Boosting your confidence with marketing

  • Learn how to create great content for web, social & mailing list

Event promotion & Launch Plans

Whether you’re looking to promote workshops, courses, tour or retreat, I design and help you plan innovative ways to get your event or launch noticed to see maximum return. 

What can be covered:

  • Event promotion plans
  • Rebranding launch
  • Bespoke launch plans
  • New business/ product/ service launches
  • Online course launches
  • Step-by-step action plans

No two launch plans are ever the same and packages are always tailored to your needs. Strategy can be delivered as a consultation package, or I can mentor you throughout the process, with support each step of the way. 

Click here to view my online course, “Creating a sell out event format” 

Training & Learning

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to increase efficiency & maximise return on your marketing, I provide a range of option to learn from online workshops & courses or 1-to-1 training and mentoring.  

  1. Online courses, webinars and eModules – see more
  2. Social media training – Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  3. Practical marketing workshops
  4. Bespoke staff training plans

I have a whole web page on learning, so click the button below to learn more.

Marketing Transformation Weekends

Looking to completely transform your marketing presence, or the way you feel about it in the space of a few days?

I love to offer these VIP weekends where you have unlimited* access to my knowledge and hands-on support to help lay foundations for an awesome future!

Areas that we can cover:

  • Developing your brand communication
  • Redesigning your social media presence
  • Boost your confidence with promotion and social media 
  • Identifying business development & sales strategy
  • Implementing systems, processes & automations
  • Creating a launch plan
  • Designing an actionable marketing plan that is easy for you to implement

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed transforming client’s marketing presence at their homes and remote locations in the UK and Europe. I also have many favourite venues in Mallorca, Spain if you would like to transform under the sun 🙂 

I offer a very limited number of these exclusive events per year, so please get in touch for us to design you a package.

Other services

Now, I would never want to be ‘jack of all trades’, which is why I work with a network of trusted associates to bring you the services you need, which include:

  1. Graphic designer
  2. Web developer
  3. SEO consultant
  4. Online course mentor
  5. Podcast mentor and editor
  6. Video editor
  7. Copywriter
  8. Money coach
  9. Life & business coach
  10. International photographers

Let me know if I can help connect you


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